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Hello,some of you know me and some are new. I’m introducing myself just to tell …

Hello,some of you know me and some are new. I’m introducing myself just to tell a little history about me.I was born hard of hearing not recognised til I was 3.I was very good at watching body language skills and daily routines lip reading. When I first got my hearing aids I remember my Mums and dads voice just like a switch turning on suddenly. I couldn’t stop staring at them. We were in the City of Perth. Mum was pushing me in the pram into the lift. When Mum was walking I could hear her shoes clogging and was in shock to hear her voice.The City traffic and people everywhere was a lot of noise all at once. I screamed wanting to be back to not hearing.Took 2 weeks to start talking to hear my own voice.Mum kept trying to open me up to make me talk as I was scared at my own voice.It was Easter time she kept saying look at the Easter Eggs & I began to speak cause chocolate was everything to me and still is????I accepted it & didn’t stop talking after that I even had my own language thinking I could speak like everyone.Mum put me into Modelling to help my confidence & school was difficult.I wasn’t deaf enough to go to a deaf school cause I had to keep using my voice. Before that I went to a Hearing Impaired School using my voice not signing travelling got too much it was 2 hrs away.Then to a normal school near home. I learnt so much like everyone else in life & just to be me. After marriage and children and becoming a Hairdresser working for my husband at the time I began to lose my hearing & emotions kicked in. To confront all the changes & confront the family is mentally exhausting in a silent world. At the same time I was still me and had to allow myself to accept it cry, angry, stuck. It took time to go through this and learning signing now.I don’t want people to feel sorry for me that’s worse. Its more awareness of who I am. Having my food page has given me something to focus on and is such a rewarding feeling seeing the amount of amazing foodies &friends out there. It’s all each to their own art. I’m not a chef I just love cooking it’s passion creativity love &learning everyday. Its inspiring & I love photography is visual, relaxing even if ears can’t hear????

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